David Keller

I'm a Computer Science master student at ETH Zürich in Switzerland. In spring of 2016 I studied a semester at University of Pennsylvania and in fall of 2015 I interned as an iOS Engineer at Strava. Apart from studying, I design and program iOS Apps and websites and follow the latest tech news, especially anything Apple related. As a balance, I like to bike & run and volunteer on the regional and national boards of the Swiss youth organization Jungwacht Blauring.

Projects & Work

Remember Names

WWDC 2018 Scholarship application (accepted)

Screenshots of the Remember Swift Playground


Featured iMessage App

Screenshots of the Choose iOS App


PennApps XIII Hackathon Spring 2016

Screenshots of the SayChef iOS App


Screenshots of the Strava iOS App

The Barrelfish Operating System

Bachelor's Thesis

Barrelfish OS logo


Screenshot of yaep.ch


HackZurich 2014

How ReSply works

Lagerfilm 2013

PackingList (retired)

Screenshot of the PackingList app inside a iPhone 5s frame

More Projects